• Due to the sale of BAYC land, NFT Worlds has delayed the launch of Genesis NFT

  • The popular metaverse platform NFT Worlds recently began a new phase with an outstanding second roadmap. However, due to the BAYC Land Sale, the team has chosen to postpone the Genesis NFT launch.

    Genesis NFT Launch Delay Announced by NFT Worlds Developer

    The NFT World team is “pushing the mint date of the NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars by a few days,” according to ArkDev, an NFT World team member.

    “The primary reason is because the BAYC Otherside Lands mint is occuring on the same day from what we understand. If it was any other collection we wouldn’t do this, but the network fees on that day I imagine are going to be absolutely bananas (pun intended), and we’d prefer to spare all of you from having to fight with that,” he added, “Tomorrow, we’ll release the details of the date change and also announce what day we’re airdropping whitelist passes to NFT World holders.”

    Simply put, the NFT Worlds team is attempting to protect its members from a potential NFT gas war on the day of the BAYC Land Sale. Check out our NFT Gas Wars guide to learn more about NFT gas wars and how to win them.

    Genesis of NFT Worlds Avatars for NFT

    The NFT Worlds Genesis Avatar Collection includes 15,000 distinct characters that can be played in the NFT Worlds metaverse. Previously, the whitelist mint was set for April 30th, with a price of 0.4 ETH per avatar.

    Furthermore, the public mint was set to launch on May 1 as a Dutch auction with a starting bid of 1 ETH per avatar. Currently, the project has around 140k Twitter followers and approximately 75k Discord users.

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