• Dunamis Fashion NFT Collection by Rebecca Minkoff

  • Rebecca Minkoff, the designer and founder of her own label, is launching her second NFT collection at this year’s Crypto Fashion Week. Unlike the initial drop, which saw NFTs from her Fall/Winter line sell out in seconds, the virtual garments will have no physical equivalents, implying that they will only exist in the metaverse.

    Minkoff’s new fashion NFT line, ‘The Dunamis,’ is inspired by the Greek philosophical idea of dunamis, which alludes to power and potential, and is imbued with aspects that pay respect to her fashion journey’s NYC roots, as the name suggests.

    Athena, Venus, Aphrodite, and Persephone are among the four digital looks in the collection, each of which will be unveiled on the internet runway. The Dematerialised (DMAT), a virtual space where users can view, purchase, and style their avatars, will then be able to purchase the entire collection.

    Dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories will be priced between $100 and $1,400 for the Grecian-meets-Manhattanite NFT collection. Virtual fashionistas will be able to buy such products using crypto or fiat thanks to DMAT’s democratizing policy, which ignores the requirement that buyers have a crypto wallet.

    Minkoff sold her fashion company to Sunrise Brands for an undisclosed sum (between $13 million and $19 million) after her first NFT launch last autumn. Minkoff hopes to use the new funding to further investigate more Web3 fashion opportunities, as seen by this endeavor and her overall public passion for NFT usefulness.

    “Now that we have the resources, we can invest much more heavily in NFTs.” Eventually, whether it’s separate or in-house drops, I see a world where there’s a division for this and something we can focus on.” – Rebecca Minkoff

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