• Dutch Crypto Investors Forms Partnership with TryHards

  • TryHards has finally announced a metaverse partnership with Dutch Crypto Investors. The collaboration will accelerate the growth and development of Try Hards, whose core mission is to promote the creation of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects for the purpose of educating the community and spreading cryptocurrency awareness.

    TryHards is now looking forward to collaborating with Dutch Crypto Investors to improve its platform’s popular shooter game. TryHards is a one-of-a-kind shooter game that plays an important role in the blockchain-based gaming industry. TryHards aims to provide players all over the world with an immersive gaming experience through the use of talented individuals, the support of various platforms, and advanced technologies.

    TryHards is an NFT-based shooter game that runs on the Polygon Network. The game’s weapons and fans are securely stored in the Polygon blockchain network as NFT assets. The game takes place on Planet X, and the players are known as Fanatics. In the game, the Fanatics come from various planets. They compete in the game to win crystals and participate in more battles to move up the leaderboard. The players engage in battles and attempt to win in order to upgrade their characters and weaponry. Players gain more power in the game by winning more battles. Staking is possible with NFT-based TRY tokens in the game. The tokens can also be used in the TryHards marketplace, which allows players to trade weapons, crystals, and fanatics. TryHards has a unique Play Win Earn interface that promises a smooth gaming experience. To earn the TRY tokens, players must stake their universe power.

    Dutch Crypto Investors seeks to recognize and support start-up projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystems by providing marketing services and capital to the ventures.

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