• Egg Tomatons is a new NFT project that emphasizes community and high-quality content

  • On the Ethereum Mainnet, Egg Tomatons are a collection of 7,007 NFTs as ERC-271 tokens. They’ll be available for purchase today (December 4th) for 0.05 ETH each. Each NFT has a unique combination of the 250+ traits/attributes that are generated at random.

    Egg Tomatons

    Egg Tomatons is an NFT collection of space-like characters created at random with 250+ attributes on the Ethereum blockchain. According to their website, the project’s goal is to “produce top quality content.”

    In total, they are donating 15 ETH (more than $58,000 USD) from primary sales to a human bionics charity chosen by the community.

    Furthermore, the team is partially doxxed, with 5/8 of the team public on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Unlike many other NFT projects, those who purchase an Egg Tomatons NFT will own the token completely. This is something we’ve seen with one of Bored Ape Yacht Club’s high-profile projects. Members of BAYC have turned their NFTs into full-fledged businesses over which they have complete control.

    Their project roadmap is chock-full of intriguing goals and plans. They plan to create educational content that will teach the community about NFTs, security, and other topics. In addition, the tokenization of NFTs is set to begin in February 2022, which the company claims will be a “sustainable economic model.”

    Finally, and possibly most importantly, the website states that all holders will be introduced to companions, as well as a Play-to-earn game that will be published in alpha, beta, and full release stages.

    Concerning the Launch

    The NFT collection will be made available to mints via the project’s website. The price of mint for selected users (whitelist, mint pass, etc.) is 0.04 ETH + gas, and the price for the general public is 0.05 ETH + gas. The pre-sale has already concluded, and the public sale is taking place today.

    Not to mention, at the time of writing, you can purchase a mint pass from their website, which entitles you to the pre-sale and a lower price to the mint of 0.04 ETH. The pass costs 0.2 ETH and can be purchased up to two times per wallet. They also include advantages for future launches.

    A large portion of the proceeds from the initial token sales will be returned to the original community members who have been particularly supportive of the project since its inception. They’ve mentioned a community wallet, charity, giveaways, or community projects as ways to accomplish this. Egg Tomatons also want to collaborate with their core community members.

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