• Elpis Global successfully raised $2.15 million to fund the development of the first game on the Elpis Metaverse

  • In a significant financing phase, Elpis Battle has secured $2.15 million. They thanked all of the Blockchain investment firms and venture capitalists for their faith in the Elpis group. Elpis Battle is a Binance Smart Chain-based RPG game developed by two of Southeast Asia’s top game development teams. The game employs NFT Technology to provide players with a new level of efficiency by allowing them to own and manage their digital assets. Individuals can exchange these assets with other people to supplement their income.

    Elpis Battle also creates an ecosystem in which players contribute and are rewarded for their efforts. Finally, the NFTs can be collected and used in Elpis Battle, a simple game with objectives and interactive elements that necessitate exceptional abilities. Thanks to the professionals from ZEGO Studio, who have considerable expertise in creating and implementing gaming goods, Elpis Team passionately succeeds in creating a game that focuses not only on the play-to-earn system but also on captivating gameplay.

    Elpis Battle is also notable for its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) architecture, which uses economic processes to align the profits of the entire system with the interests of members such as the crew, shareholders, and users. In the traditional paradigm, gaming companies and financiers are the primary beneficiaries of the game’s commercial features. Earnings are distributed evenly among all Elpis Battle players, regardless of their efforts – whether programmers or players – under the DAO governance model. In the DAO paradigm, the developer team’s responsibility will be to coordinate community members rather than manage Elpis Battle.

    The gaming industry is a fast-paced one that has seen rapid growth. The Elpis group saw opportunity and decided to lead the way in the gaming industry’s transition from centralized to decentralized. This new adventure, like the entertaining gameplay that preceded it, is both challenging and appealing. Although the hype may be fleeting, Elpis is putting all of his efforts into building a large club that meets the wants and expectations of all of the world’s players.

    By combining Cryptocurrencies, NFT Games, and Defi, Elpis’ development team hopes to provide a new experience for new Elpis Battle participants. Elpis is a universe in which users can discover stories about a fictional realm, create wealth, trade, buy and sell, and participate in the market.

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