• Elrond has reached a new high of $291.52 following the addition of EGLD by Copper.co

  • Elrond Network is the creators of the eponymous blockchain internet-scale protocol. It stated that its technology has been integrated into the Elrond blockchain digital asset infrastructure and business solutions provider Copper.co. As a result, custody services for the EGLD digital currency are provided.

    The Elrond Network’s native, capped supply, and settlement token is EGLD. Additionally, this currency is used for transaction fees. Elrond consensus layer staking, decentralized financial products (DeFi), tokenized assets, and non-fungible tokens are also available (NFTs).

    Elrond Network CEO Beniamin Mincu stated:

    “Best-in-class digital asset custody services are critical for opening up the rapidly expanding Elrond ecosystem to more institutional actors, markets, and geographies. With Copper as a strong custodian for assets on the Elrond Network, a new chapter in the internet-scale blockchain’s growth is about to begin.”

    As a result of the collaboration of two partners, institutional players, managers, exchanges, trading channels, and other market participants will benefit. Providing them with safe, secure, and compliant access to high-performance, low-cost, carbon-negative Elrond Network capabilities and the underlying digital currency, the EGLD.

    Copper.co Reinforcement Following the New Connection

    Copper.co, a provider of digital asset custody and trade solutions, has announced that it will provide stake services for the Oasis ROSE token.

    Copper’s custody solution is one of the few MPC technology users. It also included a total of 250 digital assets. EGLD was added after Copper.co. Today, the Elrond price reached an all-time high of $291.52 USD. According to CoinMarketCap, the 24-hour trading volume is $567,746,435 USD.

    There are also 40 large centralized exchanges for copper. Furthermore, they are trusted by over 300 institutional asset managers. The Elrond Network’s tokenomics are built on EGLD. The new connection with Elrond Networks would strengthen Copper.co’s Walled Garden even further. In fact, it already accounts for 96 percent of the cryptocurrency market.

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