• Enjin Steps Up Its Utility Game By Collaborating With Shopping.io

  • Enjin has upped their game by teaming with cryptocurrency shop Shopping.io. This significant advancement means that owners can now spend their hard-earned $ENJ at some of the world’s largest retailers.

    Shopping.io is an e-commerce venture that brings worldly items to the crypto enthusiast. They have made significant inroads into the day-to-day usage of crypto assets. And now they’ve added $ENJ to their vast list of collaborations. This means that $ENJ holders can use the Shopping.io interface to make cryptocurrency purchases from stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and Walmart.

    This is huge news for crypto aficionados in any case. Crypto payments have entered the mainstream and are now viable for day-to-day spending. As a result, it portrays itself as a direct competitor to fiat currencies around the world.

    Shopping.io currently offers over 100 crypto assets on its site, with the goal of providing further utility to currency supporters. Sign up, browse products through the UI, and pay with your preferred token. Additional savings are also available by staking $SPI, the native Shopping.io token.

    You may now use your cryptocurrency to get that adorable dinosaur costume or that limited-edition Burt Reynolds moustache you never knew you needed.

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