• Enjinstarter and Luna PR are collaborating to create an engaged ecosystem for blockchain gaming

  • Enjinstarter (EJS) has announced a strategic alliance with Luna PR, an award-winning public relations and marketing firm specializing in cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and GameFi. EnjinStarter and Luna PR will collaborate closely to achieve their shared goal of building a thriving ecosystem for blockchain gaming and Metaverses while expanding their tribe of forward-thinking early adopters, creators, and supporters. They plan to work together to help the ecosystem create engaging content and strong narratives for upcoming Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse projects.

    Enjinstarter is a leading blockchain gaming launchpad dedicated to the development of an ecosystem for Enjin and EFINITY. Enjinstarter is currently working on projects on multiple chains in preparation for its launch on Jumpnet. EnjinStarter has managed IDOs on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon since its inception in early October.

    Their native token $EJS is a utility token that allows the community to participate in quality projects launched on their platform. The team’s significant achievement was the launch of nine IDOs in less than two months. Some of their most notable accomplishments include supporting some of the top blockchain gaming projects, such as The Kill Box (KBOX), which achieved a 53x ROI from its IDO price, and Defina (FINA), which made 24x from the public IDO price.

    “The growing need for us as a launchpad and the projects that will raise capital on our launchpad will be to build strong narratives and attract and engage with a community that is passionate about supporting early-stage Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse projects.” We are developing a long-term partnership with Luna PR to bring this offering to our community. Taking advantage of Luna PR’s vast experience and relationships in the space, we are confident that this partnership will propel us to greater heights,” said Prakash Somosundram, co-founder and CEO of Enjinstarter.

    “My team and I were really excited about this partnership because the Enjinstarter ecosystem is very impressive and substantial,” said Nikita Sachdev, founder and CEO of Luna PR. They have a strong focus on Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse, and they have a strong focus on NFTs and community building with their stakeholders, and these are the trends that will define the future of the Blockchain industry.”

    Enjinstarter, after laying a solid foundation for their launchpad and attracting the pioneer community, is now attempting to build long-term strategies by introducing staking on its platform with an attractive APY to provide their users with greater benefits for long-term staking. They are also hard at work on a large number of projects that will be launched before the end of the year. They will also launch a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, allowing projects to raise capital through Initial NFT Offerings (INO).

    EnjinStarter’s Background

    Enjinstarter serves as a platform for blockchain gaming, NFTs, and metaverses. They concentrate on developing ecosystems for both Enjin and EFINITY. They have completed nine IDOs across multiple chains since their inception in early October.

    Luna Public Relations

    In 2017, Luna PR was named an award-winning advising, marketing, and public relations firm. The Dubai-based firm provides full-service digital marketing and public relations to clients on five continents. Luna PR’s skilled team members help both new and established blockchain and cryptocurrency projects reach their full potential.

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