• EOS issues four “blue Papers” and reveals a plan to improve the network

  • The EOS Network Foundation is getting down to the business of redesigning the EOS Blockchain. Having published a series of four Blue Papers covering various features of the EOSIO Blockchain and suggestions to improve it. It said that it would collaborate with long-time EOS developer Object Computing Inc. (OCI) to reshape the network into the “Ethereum killer” that it was designed to be.

    The ENF started working on the Blue Papers early this year, with the purpose of identifying flaws in the EOS network and proposing methods to address them. Audit+, which provides a new framework for security and contact audits for EOSIO apps, is one of the Blue Papers. API+ is a proposal to upgrade EOS’s APIs to ensure greater usability and statistics for EOS dApps; Wallet+ is a proposal to establish new SDK and wallet standards; and Core+ is a proposal to improve the underlying EOSIO stack.

    The papers outline a substantial amount of work that must be completed, and the project’s sponsors are eager to get started as soon as possible. It has already revealed that it has begun working with OCI, a Blockchain consultant that has previously worked with NASA, Rio Tinto, and Bayer, to fix concerns with APIs listed in API+.

    The ENF stated that its first job, in collaboration with Object Computing, will be to implement many improvements for node endpoint API users. The key issue it’s attempting to solve is the Transaction Lifecycle in the API. Users have long complained about a lack of tools for properly passing, executing, and tracking Blockchain transactions, as well as predicting resource costs (gas fees).

    The aim is to provide an entirely new API endpoint with tools for estimating resource utilization for each transaction, reducing the percentage of lost transactions, and improving transaction monitoring capabilities.

    OCI has long been connected with the EOS project, formerly collaborating with former lead developer Block. One must create its own Blockchain. Block. Due to a lack of progress, one was notoriously kicked out of EOS by its community, which rallied around creator Yves La Rose and the new ENF.

    EOS, which collected a whopping $4 billion in its initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018, has struggled to match the accomplishments of rival projects like as Ethereum. But, with La Rose and the ENF in charge, the EOS community is optimistic that the network will finally live up to its full promise.

    ENF’s engagement with OCI will be critical to this, and La Rose stated that the continuous collaboration will bring “substantial value” to the network. “EOS is lucky to be able to harness an experienced staff like OCI,” he added.

    Brian Johnson, OCI’s Principal Blockchain Engineer, stated that he is pleased about the prospect of collaborating with ENF and that his goal is to build EOS “the most performant and easy to use Blockchain in the world.”

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