• Epic NFTs are being launched by Romero Britto and DJ White Shadow

  • Two of the world’s most talented individuals have joined forces to launch a series of extraordinary NFTs. To that end, Romero Britto, a hugely popular Miami-based artist, provides the imagery, while Grammy award-winning music producer, DJ White Shadow, tops it all off with killer music tracks.

    When great artists come together, great things happen, and this is no exception. Together, this creative powerhouse has produced a ten-strong collection of fine art. Each item reflects the artist’s distinct style. From the stark lines and vibrant colors of Britto’s infectious positivity to DJ White Shadow’s mood-inducing soundtrack.

    Romero Britton is a well-known international artist known for his use of bright colors and distinct style, while DJ White Shadow is a talented DJ, producer, and songwriter best known for his work with Lady Gaga. This exciting collaboration will undoubtedly take the NFT world by storm.

    The ten one-of-a-kind animated audio visual artworks will be available on the music-focused NFT platform YellowHeart on October 28 at 4PM UTC. As an added bonus, a full NFT album of the collection’s tracks is also available, with an undisclosed portion of proceeds going to charity.

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