• ESP Guitars and Fanaply Collaborate on Eco-Friendly NFTs

  • ESP, the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, has turned to blockchain technology to create a collection of instrument-themed collectibles. As a result, fans can now own digital assets based on the visually appealing Pyrograph series of guitars.

    The eco-friendly NFT platform Fanaply is ESP’s first foray into the non-fungible world. In total, 90 NFTs make the cut, with three unique designs of 30 editions each. As a result, the M-I FR-DLX Skulls & Crows, M-II Hardtail Great Wave, and TE-II Hardtail Snakeskin guitars have all been digitized and are now available for $100 each on the Fanaply platform.

    Dino Muradian, a magnificent artist, designed the Pyrograph series of intricate hand-burned electric guitars. There are 30 such instruments in total, with prices starting at $8,000 each. Fans can now own a piece of guitar history without having to pay a large sum of money or even having the ability to play.

    Fanaply is an environmentally friendly NFT platform that focuses on creating and distributing NFTs for the music, sports, and entertainment industries. As a result, the platform created these lovingly crafted digital collectibles without harming the environment in which we live. And, to that end, has partnered with Offsetra to ensure carbon-neutral energy consumption.

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