• Ethernal Labs and Metakey Form Alliance to Build in Decentraland

  • The business behind the Ethernity Chain NFT technology, Ethernal Labs, has announced a new strategic relationship with Metakey. This collaboration will see the two create branded metaverse activations for Ethernity’s collections within Decentraland.

    Information on the Collaboration

    As part of the agreement, Metakey and Ethernal Labs will collaborate to promote the latter’s efforts on Decentraland, a leading metaverse platform. So far, Ethernal Labs has licensed NFTs from top brands, public figures, and others to Decentraland. These NFTs have ranged from clothes to digital collectibles.

    With the collaboration of Metakey, a project named the Ethernity HQ will be established within Decentraland. Members of the Ethernal Labs, Ethernity, and Metakey communities will be able to access the area and share ideas at Ethernity HQ. The Ethernity-authenticated NFTs will also be displayed at Ethernity HQ for anyone to see.

    While this is exciting in and of itself, the Ethernal Labs team has stated that it is merely the beginning.

    “The possibilities are endless, and Ethernal Labs is excited to introduce its library of licenses into the metaverse through event-driven virtual experiences and explore what it means to party, play, and socialize in an entirely virtual environment,” the Ethernal Labs and Ethernity teams will continue to collaborate with Metakey to develop additional interactive experiences, according to the official post.

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