• EURO 2020 Top Scorer Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Blockchain-based Alipay Top Scorer Trophy

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest scorer in the Euro 2020 tournament, has won the first Alipay blockchain-based Top Scorer Trophy. AntChain, the blockchain platform developed by Ant Group’s blockchain arm, is used to create the prize.

    Alipay Top Scorer Trophy, a payment platform by Ant Group, incorporates blockchain technology in the form of a unique hash value, according to a blog post by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). This allows the winner’s achievement and honor to be forever stored on AntChain.

    For renowned competitions such as UEFA EURO 2020 and 2024, as well as the UEFA Nations League finals, Alipay is the official global payment partner of UEFA. Alipay announced an eight-year arrangement to become a UEFA sponsor from 2018 to 2026 in November 2018.

    AntGroup’s blockchain division, AntChain, has a five-year worldwide blockchain technology agreement with UEFA. Alipay announced the AntChain-based Top Scorer Trophy will be awarded to the top scorer at UEFA EURO 2020, with the winner’s scoring records being uploaded to blockchain for the first time for permanent storage as part of this partnership.

    Alipay introduced three trophies: Gold for the highest scorer, Silver for the second-highest scorer, and Bronze for the third-highest scorer. Ronaldo has won the first-ever Alipay Top Scorer Trophy in the history of the European Cup, as EURO 2020 ended with the Portuguese superstar on top. On the AntChain, his accomplishments and honors in this European Cup will be chronicled.

    Patrik Schick of the Czech Republic and Benzema of France won the silver and bronze cups, respectively. AntChain supports these prizes, which are also blockchain trophies. UEFA will collect these digital treasures indefinitely, and 1600 copies will be handed to fans who won the European Cup quiz.

    The trophy is made up of a base with a blockchain hash and shapes that resemble the Chinese character “支” which represents payment and support and is pronounced zhi.

    What exactly is AntChain?

    Ant Group’s technology brand, AntChain, was founded in 2015. The AntChain platform is made up of three layers: the underlying Blockchain-as-a-Service open platform, asset digitalization, and digital asset circulation.

    AntChain Traceability as a Service (TaaS) provides a traceability solution that benefits all stakeholders in a supply chain; AntChain Morse MPC platform assists organizations with joint marketing, joint risk control, and joint scientific research; and Digital Seal as a Service (DSaaS), blockchain-based data certification and notarization platform.

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