• Exclusive Street Football NFTs to be Launched by Binance NFT and EX Sports

  • Binance NFT and fan engagement platform EX Sports are planning to debut the Urbanball NFT collection, which will include global street football stars, in May. The decrease comes ahead of the launch of the fan engagement platform’s play-to-earn (P2E) Urbanball.

    This NFT “Mystery Box collection,” which is set to launch on May 3 at 3:00 PM (GST) at Binance NFT, will be the first of several, building up to Urbanball’s Initial Game Offering (IGO) in December. Notably, the Urbanball NFTs will be required to participate in the game.

    The first collection, as well as subsequent drops, will include character cards based on real-life top street footballers, as well as skill cards covering numerous football styles. Surprisingly, the majority of the characters are modeled after top performers and champions of street football events.

    Urbanball is based on the BNB Chain and aims to be the world’s first street football game. To create the idea, EX Sports collaborated with Sean Garnier, a two-time football freestyle champion.

    According to the club, the goal of Urbanball and the Urbanball NFTs is to “recognize the potential to nurture young talent” and provide them with favorable exposure. According to the team, the project will also help to grow freestyle football.

    Aside from the NFTs, several game features, such as the player versus environment (PVE) and player versus player (PVP) modes, were also shown. Gamers will be expected to win in order to receive unique incentives.

    Earlier in the week, EX Sports sponsored a three-day event featuring five of the world’s best street footballers. The fan interaction platform also disclosed that these scouted talents will be included in the NFT drop, earning royalties from the digital assets.

    Last year, EX Sports and Garnier pre-launched a similar football NFT collection at the Dubai tech expo Gitex 2021—the world’s first NFT collection including freestyle football.

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