• Fast Private Jet accepts cryptocurrency payments for air travel

  • One of the most serious issues that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have encountered is that they were originally intended to be payment tools, but very few businesses have shown a willingness to accept them alongside credit and debit cards or cash. However, thanks to companies like Fast Private Jet, this is rapidly changing.

    Fast Private Jet Accepts Payment in Digital Currency for Plane Rides

    Fast Private Jet is an Italian charter flight company. It began accepting digital currency payments for travel expenses in 2020, and since then, roughly 33% of all flights using its fleet have been paid for in cryptocurrency.

    This is significant because many of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrencies were created to be used as payment tools. They were supposed to push credit cards, cash, and checks to the sidelines, giving buyers more power in the end. However, given the volatility of these currencies, several stores and retail outlets around the world have refused to cooperate. As a result, the stores are afraid of losing money, and we can’t really blame them.

    Consider the following example. Someone walks into a store and spends BTC on $40 worth of merchandise. For whatever reason, the store does not convert that money into fiat currency, and an entire day passes. Suddenly, the price of bitcoin falls, and that $40 becomes $25. While the customer receives everything they purchased, the store has lost $15 in profit. Is this a reasonable situation? Not everyone believes this, which is why there are still so few businesses willing to accept cryptocurrency as a valid payment option.

    According to Fast Private Jet, one out of every three flights is booked using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP are among the major assets that the company is willing to accept. Mauro De Rosa, the company’s founder and CEO, explained in a statement:

    The use of cutting-edge technological tools has always been an important component of our corporate vision. This ability to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape of the twenty-first century has allowed the company to stand out while experiencing significant growth in today’s global aviation industry.

    Working with Its Customers

    The firm recently recorded the single largest digital currency transaction for a single private flight, valued at more than $500,000 at the time of writing. The company has been in operation for about 20 years and provides a large fleet of world-class jets to both private and corporate flyers. It also provides access to a large number of global air-taxi companies, allowing them to meet all of their customers’ travel needs.

    Finally, the company offers its clients private helicopter services, catering, chauffeuring, and concierge services.

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