• FDCTech and Binance have agreed to merge

  • The US firm expands the operations of its cryptocurrency platform Condor. FDCTech believes that this collaboration with Binance will improve crypto trading.

    Every day, new cryptocurrency societies emerge, and on this occasion, FDCTech announced the Binance platform integration. For a long time, this financial firm has been investigating the cryptocurrency market. However, it was only recently that it became a member of the leading virtual trading platform.

    Following the merger, the US firm will allow trading firms to expand their services to Binance via Condor, its native platform.

    Binance signs an agreement with FDCTech.

    FDCTech, a financial firm that offers various online trading services, has just signed an agreement with Binance to allow its brokers to trade without issue on the platform. According to reports, the company intends to provide agents with a single account from which they can trade cryptos through treasury, stocks, currencies, and other financial funds.

    Trading firms may offer leverage services on the Binance platform as long as they adhere to the buy and sell limits. Exposure indices can be used by trading firms to manage trades or other issues. Brokers will be able to offer availability in tokens that meet the platform’s parameters.

    FDCTech’s CEO and president stated that his company understands the high demand for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. The company has joined the Binance platform because it is the most popular Exchange in the cryptocurrency market. Because the FDC team wants to provide the best for its clients, they have focused on the market’s leading crypto platform.

    Condor Price Hub is a cryptocurrency trading platform.

    FDCTech’s interest in the cryptocurrency market is not new, as the company has been a participant in it since August. The company launched the Condor Price Hub platform three months ago to provide liquidity and fulfillment services for crypto operations.

    The platform allows retail brokers, commercial banks, and hedge funds to participate in the cryptocurrency market via various trading websites. FDCTech’s native platform is simple to use and allows brokers to trade more efficiently, lowering trading costs.

    Individuals can use the Condor platform to perform a variety of tasks, including wholesale trade, eCommerce, cost per level, and credit management, all of which are based on cryptocurrencies. After partnering with Binance, FDC’s goals expanded even further by ensuring that its brokers have access to a very convenient crypto trading system.

    FDC’s stock increased by more than 19% within hours of the merger announcement, reaching a price of $0.08. Binance’s reputation may improve as a result of its use by several North American brokers.

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