• FinToken aims to disrupt the capital and cryptocurrency markets

  • FINToken is a Finhaven gateway token that allows you to buy and own cryptosecurities with cryptocurrency.

    Over the years, the cryptocurrency and capital markets have coexisted without any direct engagement. They seemed to be two parallel lines with no point of intersection. Several projects are being developed to bridge this gap and connect both markets. However, the majority of these crypto initiatives have failed to meet expectations. On the other hand, several projects stayed focused on the purpose and made significant progress.

    The Finhaven Private Markets platform, which now serves as a middle ground for people to execute money market transactions utilizing only cryptocurrencies, is a solid example of such a project. If everything goes according to plan, Finhaven might become one of the digital financial ecosystems driving widespread bitcoin adoption.

    What You Should Know About the Finhaven Ecosystem and How It Functions

    Finhaven ecosystem is a Canadian digital securities exchange platform. It is now advocating for the transition of global money markets and exchanges from analog to digital systems. The distributed ledger technology serves as the foundation for the Finhaven financial marketplace (DLT). Finhaven Money Markets’ mission extends beyond simply creating a private marketplace that is efficient and successful. The software ensures that all settlements are completed in real time, eliminating the need for clearing agencies. Additionally, the use of blockchain technology eliminates the need for custodians and depositories.

    Finhaven’s ultimate goal is to produce extremely efficient global financial (money) transfers between countries. It will also improve capital allocation in both emerging and developed countries. Finhaven’s financial market ecosystem is attempting to connect cryptocurrency and money markets. It is also striving to reimagine how the future generation of securities trading should take place. The platform aims to lower entrance barriers to the capital market, making it more accessible to the vast crypto community.

    The Finhaven Token is a cryptocurrency (FinToken)

    For so long, the money and cryptocurrency markets have simply coexisted, with no “interaction” between them. Previously, cryptocurrency holders could not buy or sell digital securities using cryptos such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, and so on. Finhaven created a crypto token called FinToken to connect both marketplaces. It is a utility token that allows holders to effortlessly buy and sell digital securities using bitcoin assets. FinToken will serve as a bridge-builder in the Fintoken ecosystem, connecting cryptos and digital securities.

    Regardless of whether the market is completely regulated or not, investors find it easy to diversify their portfolios and conduct transactions with digital securities using the token. These investors will not require the services of market middlemen. Accredited investors who have accounts on the Finhaven marketplace can use FinToken to initiate transactions to purchase digital securities using cryptocurrency rather than money. The token will also provide investors with total and exclusive access to their cryptocurrency assets. Users will securely store the FinToken and other digital securities in their assigned FINWallet, with access to the wallet’s private key.

    The FINWallet will act as a multi-crypto-exchange aggregator, providing a single point of access to many crypto accounts. As a result, token holders can easily and effectively manage their crypto portfolios with FINWallet. The Finhaven whitepaper contains additional information about the Finhaven token.

    How Does It Work?

    To begin, customers must purchase FinToken with their crypto-asset or fiat currency from any of the FinToken-supporting exchanges. They keep the FinToken safe in the allocated FINWallet. After that, consumers can visit the Finhaven marketplace to view the digital securities offered from various market suppliers. After purchasing the tokens, users must convert them back to fiat currency in order to purchase digital securities. They can also exchange these digital securities in the marketplace with other investors.

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