• First NFT from Cosmos-Based Blockchain Received by Ethereum (ETH): Details

  • IRISnet facilitated the transfer of a non-fungible token from the permissioned distributed network WenChang Chain to Ethereum’s largest NFT marketplace using the Cosmos software development kit.

    An NFT bridge has been built between the Cosmos-based WenChang Chain and Ethereum.

    The Cosmos software development kit was used for the first-ever NFT travel between four blockchain networks, according to an official announcement posted on the Cosmos main blog.

    Tokens were minted as digital avatars for fine art Chinese paintings. They are reproductions of well-known traditional Chinese artwork by Rongbaozhai (Studio of Glorious Treasures), who has been active since the 17th century.

    The NFTs were first created at WenChang Chain, one of the decentralized platforms affiliated with BSN Open Permissioned Blockchains, an ecosystem of hybrid distributed networks. The tokens were registered with IP.PUB, a Digital Artwork Registration Platform sponsored by China Promoting Minority Culture & Art Association.

    The tokens were then sent to the IRITA Hub and IRIS Hub, two networks run by IRISNet, a Cosmos-based cross-platform interoperability protocol.

    Why is this transfer so important for IBC instruments?

    The Terse Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol enabled the transfer (TIBC).IRIS Hub connects TIBC and Ethereum invisibly.

    All NFTs from the experiment are currently available for purchase on OpenSea, the largest Ethereum-based marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

    This experiment is one-of-a-kind due to a variety of factors. First and foremost, it exemplifies Cosmos’ role in connecting permissioned and permissionless blockchains, such as Ethereum and BSN. Then, it demonstrates that, despite a severe crackdown on cryptocurrency, Chinese state-backed bodies are still interested in blockchain usage.

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