• Flare Finance Completes Massive NFT Sale While Warning of New Scams

  • The large-scale NFT campaign for Flare Finance’s early backers was a success. All digital collectibles are now distributed among buyers.

    219 NFTs, $2 million, 96 hours

    According to the most recent tweets from Flare Finance, the first-ever decentralized finance ecosystem on Flare (FLR), its Delorean NFT campaign has piqued the interest of Flare enthusiasts.

    In total, 219 tokens were sold, raising a net sum of more than $2 million. This campaign’s NFTs are all visible in Ethereum’s explorers and the Rarible NFT marketplace.

    Aside from owning rare non-fungible tokens commemorating iconic sports cars from the early 1980s, all campaign participants are eligible for future bonus drops.

    Only Delorean NFT holders have access to the ultra-rare The Right Arm of Supaku and The Left Arm of Supaku digital and physical art releases.

    The Flare (FLR) team reported fake Metamask forms.

    As previously reported by ULTCOIN365, Songbird (SGB), a canary network of the much-anticipated EVM-compatible blockchain Flare (FLR), began operations yesterday, September 17, 2021.

    Scammer activity increased in tandem with the increased interest in Flare and Songbird. The Flare Networks team shared a screenshot of a bogus Google Form created on behalf of Metamask, a popular wallet for Ethereum (ETH) and other compatible chains.

    Flare (FLR) representatives reiterated that no legitimate team will ever ask their users for passwords or seed phrases. As a result, even when interacting with service providers, all traders should keep them private.

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