• Flare’s Songbird’s SGB Token Increases by 40% in 24 Hours

  • Songbird, Flare’s (FLR) EVM-compatible blockchain’s “sister chain,” has successfully distributed its core native asset, SGB. Here’s how it all started.

    SGB is one of the top gainers.

    Songbird’s SGB token posted impressive gains in the first few hours after being listed on XRP-centric exchange Bitrue (BTR). Today, on September 30, 2021, it has reached an all-time high of more than $0.71.

    It began trading after a 2.6x rally, with a “listing price” of $0.27 on Bitrue (BTR).

    By the time this article was published, the SGB price had slightly corrected, with Songbird’s core asset trading at $0.56. The token is currently available on the Bitrue (BTR) exchange in pairs with XRP and USD. Tether in US dollars (USDT).

    As previously reported by U.Today, Bitrue (BTR) is the first exchange to allow SGB trading. The Flare Networks team distributed SGB tokens on September 16, 2021.

    Flare’s (FLR) mainnet launch is imminent.

    Songbird (SGB) is marketed as a “canary network” for Flare, the much-anticipated Turing-complete blockchain with support for smart contracts.

    Songbird (SGB) is designed at its core to stress test all major economic concepts expected in Flare (FLR). Unlike testnets, it does not use “sandbox” tokens; instead, SGB are distributed during the airdrop to FLR enthusiasts.

    The launch of Songbird (SGB) is another step toward the launch of mainnet’s Flare (FLR) operations. It exited observation mode and began fully decentralized operations yesterday.

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