• Floyd Mayweather Promotes Yet Another NFT Following the Mayweverse Rugpull

  • Floyd Mayweather, the boxing legend, is pushing a new NFT project following the Mayweverse rug pull. You would have expected Floyd to step away from the NFT field after the recent NFT scam in which he was somehow involved.

    Floyd Mayweather’s dubious relationship with NFT projects

    Mayweather has recently been associated to various NFT and crypto initiatives that have had questionable outcomes. Ethereum Max, Bored Bunny, Real Floyd NFT, Moonshot, and more are among them. Notably, the most of them are almost worthless, and the development teams have gone missing.

    The ‘Mayweverse,’ advertised as an NFT brand and Metaverse for Floyd Mayweather, was the most recent endeavor. The initiative appeared to be highly promising, with over 100,000 members in the official Discord. However, many people assume that the majority of these were ‘bots,’ as the project did not sell out at initially.

    Furthermore, the project hasn’t tweeted since the mint’s closure, according to Twitter NFT investigator @ZachXBT. He discovered that eight days after the mint, the earnings totaling $200,000 were moved to two wallets.

    Following additional research, ZachXBT laid out a route that included certain wallets from prior NFT initiatives that Mayweather had funded.

    Floyd Mayweather is back to promote a new NFT line. In fact, he is competing in the “Global Titans Fight Series.” This is a new high-profile event series for athletes that employs NFTs as tickets and awards with usefulness. These fights are streamed live online for NFT holders.

    It is unknown what will happen next or whether the Mayweverse will reopen. For the time being, it appears that this is another NFT enterprise with which Floyd Mayweather is associated.

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