• Fold Introduces a New AR Bitcoin Reward Function for Users

  • Fold is a leading decentralized payments platform that allows investors to earn Bitcoin rewards. It proudly announced the release of its powerful Augmented Reality (AR) feature, which will transform the company’s core ecosystem.

    With this feature, Fold will provide Bitcoin enthusiasts with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to earn tokens and enjoy a plethora of in-app benefits by exploring the physical environment. Unlike the Pokemon Go project, which rewarded users for discovering rare creatures, this amazing feature will allow users to collect decentralized currency from their surroundings. Fold is likely to attract a large number of people who want to earn Bitcoin while having a good time.

    Customers will be able to use the AR functionality for a limited time each day, beginning at the end of August, according to reports. Those who have the Fold Visa Debit Card will receive additional rewards via the AR feature.

    Speaking of the lucrative AR function, Will Reeves, the CEO of Fold, stated that the team is providing customers with an incredible opportunity to earn Bitcoin for their daily expenses through AR. The solution will be a reoccurring treat for those who are interested in cryptocurrency but are unable to locate an entry point. It enables users to earn Bitcoin tokens through AR in a convenient manner by accessing the portal on the app or the Fold card. Rachel Mersky, Fold’s Head of Design, had a similar reaction, emphasizing the distinguishing features of the new service.

    Fold has decided to eliminate all signup and activation fees for the Spin debit card in order to attract more customers. By signing up for the Spin tier, all native residents of the United States will be able to use Fold Card for free. Customers can receive up to a 25% return in Bitcoin for every purchase made with the card.

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