• Following the Heimdall update, Polygon suffers extended outages

  • Following the network’s recent Heimdall update, the Polygon (MATIC) proof-of-stake chain has been unavailable for more than 12 hours.

    Yesterday, Polygon, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, implemented the new upgrade. Some disruption was also expected, according to a post on the network’s official forum.

    However, technical challenges have stretched the downtime to more than 12 hours, causing consumers to be concerned.

    The network began having problems on March 10 at 05:50 UTC after issues with the Heimdall implementation were discovered. According to the article:

    We assume that there was a fault in the upgrade that disrupted consensus, causing various Heimdall validators to be on different versions of the chain, preventing two-thirds consensus from being reached. This condition will bring the Heimdall chain to a standstill if Tendermint consensus is used.

    The team reassured users that their funds are secure and that the vulnerable Heimdall node does not process user transactions.

    In a later update, the team stated that they would issue a hotfix to restore the chain’s ability to produce blocks. Polyscan revealed that the chain had resumed block creation, and that blocks have begun to catch up since the fix was deployed.

    Users of polygons express their dissatisfaction.

    Polygon users were aware of the downtime, but took to Twitter after 12 hours to find out what was causing the problems. Due to the interruption, Layer 2 users have been forced to postpone announcements and giveaways.

    Even after the hotfix was issued, users continued to report downtime on Polygon’s forum.

    Polygon is supported by three pillars, each of which performs a specific function. The chain’s smart contracts operate on Ethereum (ETH), and the Bor layer facilitates block generation. The newly revised Heimdall layer is a collection of POS nodes that assist the network in reaching consensus, which is impossible without this pillar.

    Polygon has recently seen a major growth in adoption, with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana transferring their non-fungible token line to the blockchain.

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