• Footium, a fantasy football game, will launch minting clubs

  • Mark your calendars for November 15th, because you can now own a football club on Footium! 3060 clubs will be available for minting at a cost of 0.05 ETH each. The minting will take place over three days, beginning at 6 p.m. GMT on November 15, 17, and 19. Simply visit the Footium website and select the ‘Mint your club’ option.

    Announcement of Footium’s Club Sale: Mint Your Own Club

    Aside from the club sales, users can look forward to a chance to win one of five football clubs or one ETH, as well as a football club giveaway. Furthermore, anyone who participates in the giveaway will be added to the whitelist for phase 2 minting on Wednesday. To be added to the whitelist, you must first join their Discord server. Then, on the announcements channel, you fill out the form.

    So, why is the sale of a football club such a big deal?

    In the fantasy football game, owning a football club is important because it grants early access to the game. This also gives them an advantage over others, because the higher the league you start in, the rarer the team badge. Purchasing your club now ensures a spot in one of the top eight tiers of the Footium League System. The Footium League System is pyramidal, with lower divisions having twice as many leagues as higher divisions.

    Furthermore, it grants access to a unique 3D stadium associated with each club. Then, at random, Generative club badges with varying degrees of rarity will be created. All of the clubs have extensive lore, including details about the fanbase, history, and more! Users will have access to club kits and the colors of their team and players, just like popular sporting teams!

    More on Footium and How Clubs Influence Gameplay

    Footium is a multiplayer online football strategy game in which you manage a team to victory. Entry into higher divisions means bigger prizes, more fan engagement, and more glory! Footium Clubs are your ticket to the game and your chance to win prizes in competitions. Simply put, in order to play the game, you must own a club.

    According to the official announcement, clubs in higher divisions will be rarer than clubs in lower divisions; however, the league your club is in isn’t fixed for the foreseeable future. Clubs from lower divisions can be promoted, and clubs from higher divisions can be relegated, but a club’s value is derived from the benefits of being in a higher league. Prizes will be awarded to players who are promoted and win cup competitions.

    In addition, clubs are token minting machines. Every club has its own academy, which brings new players into the game each season. The sooner you establish your club, the sooner you can begin scouting academies for undervalued talent. You can also build a pipeline of top players or sell them to other managers.

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