• For Pre-IPO Equity Tokenization, Portal and HighCircleX Use Bitcoin Technology

  • The Bitcoin network lends itself well to the investigation of numerous financial prospects. HighCircleX and Portal collaborate to tokenize pre-IPO company shares on the top blockchain. A wonderful development that demonstrates Bitcoin’s adaptability.

    Another Demonstration of Bitcoin Technology

    It will be fascinating to witness how Bitcoin technology affects the real world. The world’s top cryptocurrency continues to get attention, but its underlying blockchain cannot be overlooked. As Bitcoin is the most secure public blockchain, numerous new initiatives are built on it rather than Ethereum or Solana. It offers the maximum hash power and computational security, making it a desirable layer for developing apps, goods, and services.

    Bitcoin technology powers Portal, a cross-chain Layer-2 decentralized trade network. HighCircleX, a blockchain-based asset marketplace, has engaged into a strategic collaboration with the team. The teams will work together to begin the tokenization of shares in pre-IPO companies. Because they are stored on the blockchain and benefit from Bitcoin’s network security, those shares will become more accessible.

    Dr. Chandra Duggirala, Executive Chairman of Portal, adds:

    “Portal is bringing real world use cases to Bitcoin. Eventually we will see tokenization of many more financial assets onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Although these assets are not bearer assets like Bitcoin, having both digital asset securities and non-security digital assets available through a simple interface for users who meet accreditation investor criteria marks the beginning of merging the Bitcoin ecosystem with mainstream finance. This also fixes the problem of liquidity fragmentation across many different exchanges and applications”.

    Bitcoin aficionados are increasingly interested in gaining exposure to traditional stocks and public firms. Users can gain ownership interest in Klarna, SpaceX, Epic Games, Cross River Bank, and Automation Anywhere thanks to a cooperation between Portal and HighSocietyX. Depending on consumer demand, more pre-IPO enterprises will be supported in the future.

    Using Novel Approaches to Address Critical Issues

    Investing in the private market is enticing, but it also has significant drawbacks. Severe impediments include lingering uncertainty about time limits for locking up money, limited liquidity, and uncertainty about the true worth of holdings. Through the tokenization of private ownership, Portal and HighCircleX remove these constraints. Accredited Portal users can also investigate non-security digital assets and tokenized securities.

    For each investment, HighCircleX maintains an LLC. Investors do not hold shares of the corporation, but rather token tokens that reflect LLC ownership. Each LLC’s funds are utilized to purchase pre-IPO investments, with tokens trading on the HCX marketplace. In addition, the team allows quick liquidity, fractional trading, and instant settlement.

    The tokenization approach allows investors to cash out and trade digital assets in real time. Accessing liquidity is critical in financial markets since general momentum and mood are always shifting. It is critical to have the ability to cash out or trade tokens before an investee firm goes public – or is bought.

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