• For the 2022 season, the NFL will offer ticket stub NFTs at over 100 games

  • The National Football League (NFL) decided to expand the project to a considerable number of games for the 2022 season after experimenting with giving away commemorative NFT ticket stubs to spectators of a few live games last season.

    The NFL declared today that fans who attend more than 100 live regular-season games in 2022 will receive NFT ticket stubs. The NFT virtual commemorative ticket initiative is once again being held in collaboration with world-renowned event ticketing company, Ticketmaster. There are currently 101 games total registered for the promotion.

    Starting with the Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams game at SoFi Stadium on September 8 and extending to every first-week game, the NFL’s extended NFT virtual commemorative ticket effort will be available for every first-week game. Additionally, for at least three home games during the course of the season, each of the 32 teams in the league will sell NFT ticket stubs.

    “We still are in the test-and-learn phase of all of these NFT explorations,” said Abby Desai, who works on the NFL’s Club Business Development team. “But we wanted to do something that all 32 clubs would be able to engage with and offer to their fans on a local level.”

    NFL Announces ‘Virtual Ticket’ NFTs for 2022 Draft on Flow

    Last season, the NFL provided virtual tickets for 21 regular-season games, 12 postseason contests, the Pro Bowl, and the Super Bowl. The league claimed that over 500,000 NFT ticket collectibles were distributed in total during the season.

    The same blockchain network that powers the NFL All Day video collectibles platform, Flow, will be utilized to mint the virtual commemorative tickets for this season. The league and Ticketmaster migrated to Flow starting with the NFL Draft NFT collectibles in April. The NFT ticket stubs from last season were printed on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution.

    For items like digital treasures and pieces of art, an NFT functions as a proof of ownership. A $25 billion trading volume was generated by the NFT market in 2021, and sports collectibles, such as NBA Top Shot, assisted in popularizing the idea of tokenized digital collectibles.

    Fans value tickets powered by NFT

    No matter how many tickets were purchased, the league only allowed one NFT per Ticketmaster account during the promotion from the previous season. Desai explained that any ticket can now be exchanged for an NFT counterpart.

    NFT stubs fill the hole left by the league’s switch from physical tickets to mobile ticketing, according to Desai, who told Decrypt that the NFT project last season witnessed “huge response.”

    “It’s something that we’ve seen,” she explained, “that fans do value having something that they can remember the experience of attending the event with.”

    A Ticketmaster marketplace allows holders of virtual ticket stubs to resale their NFTs, and according to Desai, the league experienced secondary demand during the inaugural season. Desai stated that the league will be “keeping an eye” on resale interest because there are nearly five times as many eligible regular season games this year, in addition to more NFTs being available for each game.

    Digital keepsakes that may be owned or sold, the NFL’s NFT stubs are a growing trend in the NFT market. One such trend is to add on utility, such as access to special advantages and events. Desai stated that the league will “continue to explore” other use cases, possibly resulting in useful NFT-based ticketing or even more usefulness (rather than collectible keepsakes).

    “We’re still early on, as is the entire industry here, and seeing what does work, what doesn’t work, where clubs are leaning in, and where fans are leaning in,” she said. “We’ll take those learnings to really determine what we’re going to do down the road.”

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