• For the next 30 days, KyberSwap will provide Ethereum Proof-of-Work support

  • KyberSwap is intimately linked to Ethereum because it is developed on Ethereum and integrates with various EVM-compatible chains. KyberSwap recently announced an easy solution for consumers to convert their Ethereum Proof-of-Work (EthPoW) assets. According to the liquidity hub, consumers will only be able to access and swap their assets for one month.

    For 30 Days, Ethereum Proof-of-Work Support

    A steady stream of users has sought help on how to manage the Merge and acquire access to EthPoW holdings. KyberSwap claimed in a blog post that its goal is to make DeFi simple, quick, secure, and accessible. Despite always supporting EthPoS as the only canonical chain, KyberSwap chose to enable EthPoW access on their user interface (UI) to determine whether there was any demand for it. This strategy was supported by the vast majority of responders (more than 60%).

    Emphasis on the EthPoW interface and integration

    The KyberSwap team worked on EthPoW integration and interface after the Merge. For the next 30 days, $ETHW and other EthPoW assets can be accessed and swapped, according to the announcement. Users must first log in to KyberSwap.com, connect their DeFi wallet, and switch to EthPoW before they can utilize the UI. Because KyberSwap only supports EthPoS as the canonical chain, the UI for EthPoW will be deprecated after this period. The Ethereum Merge is without a doubt one of the most significant events in blockchain history. A segment of the community created an EthPoW fork, resulting in the sole valid Ethereum Proof-of-Stake Chain.

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