• From April, India’s first cryptocurrency index will be available on Bitbns

  • Despite having a vast market, bitcoin infrastructure in India has not been very satisfying for investors. This is owing in part to the government’s negative stance toward virtual currencies, and in part to a lack of exposure to lucrative initiatives in the DeFi industry. This paradigm is changing, with new crypto-based firms popping up at an alarming rate. The IC15 project, which was launched on January 3rd, is one of the most recent entries to India’s crypto market. This new enterprise is currently preparing to launch on the Bitbns exchange.

    IC15, India’s first crypto index, was launched in January of this year by CryptoWire. This index will introduce coins with a favorable performance rate to the worldwide market for trade. This rule-based crypto index evaluates projects based on their market value and assists in spreading investments over multiple assets at once for a higher profit and lower risk. This will be a significant investment opportunity for the 100 million investors who are said to have cryptocurrency holdings. This index is now preparing to begin trading on the Bitbns cryptocurrency exchange as early as the first week of April.

    Bitbns is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange that debuted at the end of 2017. This is also the only Indian bitcoin exchange that is currently operational. Because of its extensive listings and reasonable pricing, the exchange quickly gained popularity among Indian investors. In addition, in 2021, the platform released the Swap feature and supported approximately 300 cryptocurrencies from the global market. Bitbns also has one of the lowest trading costs in the industry, at 0.25 percent, and a fee waiver for the borrower during margin trading. It is because of such idiosyncrasies that the project has become a popular exchange for over 3 million customers. This comprehensive and unbiased Bitbns review will tell you everything you need to know about this exchange.

    The licensing agreement between CryptoWire and Bitbns for the IC15 index will undoubtedly benefit investors. To begin, the index is rule-based and allows you to distribute your assets among multiple cryptocurrencies, reducing risk factors to a minimum. It will also allow Bitbns customers to minimize risks associated with asset liquidity. The agreements allot a major amount of the money to research and development in order to make the index far more compatible with the market’s rising needs.

    On top of that, this transaction would establish India as one of the world’s major cryptocurrency markets. It will also aid in the attainment of more worldwide projects and profitable companies in the DeFi sector. Surprisingly, the announcement of the IC15 index coincided with India’s announcement of new restrictions on cryptocurrencies. This shows that, despite the government’s restrictions, cryptocurrencies have the potential for future growth.

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