• Gala Games has started a superior alpha playtest

  • Superior, a third-person shooting game, has announced its playtest, giving fans even more access. This playtest is published on Gala Games, so anyone can download and play it, even if they do not have NFT access.

    Superior Information

    Superior, the brainchild of Drifter Environment, is built on the notion of superheroes who have become corrupted and transformed into monsters. Users can pursue these monsters, defeat them, and steal their powers by acting as the protagonist of the story.

    They can be one of three characters, depending on the user: Ronin the Bruiser, Nomad the Sharpshooter, or Murmur the Trickster. They will also be able to select their powers prior to each game, with the majority of them centered on fire and ice.

    The gameplay will alter and change as they play the games and their avatar dies. This provides a one-of-a-kind experience in that no two game runs will ever be the same. As they vanquish their opponents, they can ‘power up,’ gaining new superpowers.

    This type of game arrangement is sure to be popular among enthusiasts, and with more accessibility, even more, people may enjoy it.

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