• Galaxy Fight Club collaborates with Animetas, Wicked Craniums, and others

  • Galaxy Fight Club has partnered with Cyberkongz, Iluvium, Animetas, Deadheads, BYOPill, Wicked Cranium, and many more. All partners can now log in using their preferred NFTs. In their 3v3 mode, they can also compete with project holders from other projects.

    Concerning the Collaborations

    This new partnership with many major NFT collections will allow players to fight in their game using characters and avatars from various collections. Users from the above-mentioned collections can use their NFT to log in and fight in the game’s main game mode, 3v3.

    Project players from Galaxy Fight Club’s partners will also be able to play-to-earn within their game. At the end of each match, the winning team will have a chance to win keys, which are one-of-a-kind NFTs. These can be used to open loot boxes, which contain rewards.

    You can either sell these keys on secondary markets for $ETH or use them to open loot boxes for additional rewards; however, opening loot boxes requires $GCOIN, which is generated by Genesis Galaxy Fighters but can also be purchased on exchanges. There are three types of keys that can be obtained: gold keys (the highest tier), partner keys (the second-highest tier), and silver keys (the lowest tier) (the third-highest tier). People win these keys based on the characters they use, and so on. More information on the keys can be found here. Aside from the 3v3 mode, the game intends to host ‘project-specific tournaments’ in which users can win prizes that are ‘native to that project.’

    The Galaxy Fight Club

    Galaxy Fight Club is an NFT Universe cross-IP P2E PvP game. They assert that they are more than just an avatar project. Instead, they claim that it is a real-time PvP game that brings all of the other NFT collections together on a single platform, which means you can ‘log in’ with an NFT you already own and battle with that character. They compare themselves to Super Smash Bros, where you can have characters from various IPs. They compare Pikachu versus Mario to a BAYC versus a Cryptopunk, which they hope to incorporate into their game.

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