• GenomesDAO sells NFTs that include gene sequencing kits

  • GenomesDAO distinguishes itself from the competition by selling NFTs with a whole-genome sequencing kit. Geneticats, an NFT project, is not simply another cat study; it is highly innovative because it focuses on unique, genomic data.

    GenomesDAO Information

    GenomesDAO is a biotech DAO that promotes the secure, private, and transparent monetization of genetic data. The DAO is combining encryption technology (AMD-SEV Vaults) and blockchain to build a decentralized data brokering platform. The fact that consumers have complete ownership and control over their genomic data characterizes this endeavor.

    What exactly is Geneticats?

    Geneticats is the name of GenomesDAO’s NFT. Sure, it’s a cat NFT, but each individual NFT is generated by mathematical inputs depending on the holder’s genome. As a result, it is a one-of-one cat NFT that is unique to each NFT possessor.

    Surprisingly, GenomesDAO is unconcerned about the floor pricing. This is due to the DAO’s intention to personalize this NFT through the usage of genetic content. Each Geneticats NFT includes a genome sequencing kit that may be redeemed using the EtherCards platform. Depending on the rarity of the NFT, may have more than one redeeming attribute – for example, tokens.

    So, how exactly does GenomesDAO’s genome sequencing work?

    Every NFT holder will receive a swab test in the mail. They must swab their cheek and provide the material to GenomesDAO. Each user’s data is safely uploaded to a self-custody Genome Vault. That data is only accessible to the NFT’s owner. Furthermore, NFT holders can profit from their genome sequences by accepting requests from partner pharmaceutical businesses, which compensate the user in $GENE – the official currency.

    The rise of scientific DAOs like GenomesDAO enables users to reclaim custody of their data and monetise it on their own terms. Rachel Rossin, an artist, was one of the first to mint her DNA late last year. It’s reasonable to say that what appeared to be a ridiculous idea quickly gained traction.

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