• Gif.games, a leader in NFT gaming, has appointed Anshit Bhardwaj as CEO

  • Gif.games, an NFT gaming firm, has named Anshit Bhardwaj as its new CEO. The co-founder of Gif.games will guide the company as it establishes itself as a pioneer and leader in the NFT gaming sector. Mr. Bhardwaj has been an outstanding leader of the development team, and he was instrumental in the successful launch of the Tezotopia NFT Marketplace on August 9th, 2021.

    Setting a Good Example

    Anshit Bhardwaj has proven to be a strong leader who is both forward-thinking and level-headed. He answers to community requirements in a fast and effective manner, while also continuing to grow and develop the community around the incredible product he and his team are producing.

    Working alongside Creative Director Joab Garza, Bhardwaj has shown to be an amazing counterpart, offering an exact plan and deliverables that the Tezos community has never seen before, such as Yield Farming NFTs, which are set to be live on September 10, 2021.

    Tezotopia’s Launch Was a Success

    Tezotopia, a digital cross-world game and NFT Marketplace from Gif.games, premiered on August 9th, selling out all items in just 20 minutes and raising $76,514 in the process. This launch accomplishment came just days before Gif.games was accepted as a silver member of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance. On August 28th, 2021, Gif.games will launch an IDO for its $GIF governance token on Tezos with partner and decentralized launchpad Rocket Launchpad.

    Gif.games is a website dedicated to gif animation games.

    Gif.games is a pioneer in the integration of NFTs and dApps by building exciting, interactive worlds for users to collect, earn, and create new virtual worlds. Gif.games is the originator of the NFT Marketplace Tezotopia and the gaming cryptocurrency Unobtanium, which will be powered by the $GIF governance token. (UNO)

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