• Goldfingr has completed its oversubscribed pre-seed investment round for its new Goldfingr cryptocurrency token

  • The award-winning, invitation-only investment club Goldfingr is not only an important global resource for investors and entrepreneurs alike, but it is also at the cutting edge of industry-changing technology. Goldfingr is a leader in the decentralized finance space, with a consistent track record of strategic and profitable investments in companies utilizing innovative technology.

    Goldfingr announced a few months ago that it will launch a branded crypto token called ‘Goldfingr’ in the middle of December 2021. As the Goldfingr crypto token’s release date approaches, the Goldfingr team has successfully closed a pre-seed round for their crypto venture. While the Goldfingr team and token were already well-positioned for success due to their industry knowledge and network, this impressive pre-seed round de-risks the project while also indicating strong demand, as the round was oversubscribed.

    Goldfingr recently announced that its MVP is being developed by ideasoft.io, the company that worked on Telegram’s chatting mechanism, the HSBC app, and other projects. The core logic of their system, as pioneers in the digital club space, incentivizes users and networks to earn rewards by staking the token, investing in projects on the Goldfingr platform, and referring deals on the platform. Furthermore, Goldfingr announced that it will collaborate with the top liquidity providers in the space, including BTC, ETC, and others, to provide owners with the best possible return on their Goldfingr token investment as long as they leave it on the platform.

    It should come as no surprise that Goldfingr has raised a sizable, oversubscribed round for its crypto token, as it is an award-winning investment firm that takes pride in its engaging network of individuals committed to helping each other change the world.

    Finally, the platform of the Goldfingr investment club assists its members in sourcing deals, educating themselves, and connecting with other members, resulting in deeper connections and increased engagement. The Goldfingr investment club intends to make its new crypto token available for sale and purchase directly on the platform in order to increase the value it provides to its members. This will make it simple for Goldfingr members to participate directly in this exciting new industry. Of course, as Goldfingr members continue to buy and use the Goldfingr token on and off the platform, the token’s value and their investment in it will rise. While Goldfingr members will be able to easily purchase the Goldfingr token from the platform, other crypto enthusiasts will be able to do the same.

    The Goldfingr crypto-token arrives at an exciting time for the club, as the industry-leading investment group has long planned to expand their offerings. DATI, an OTC publicly traded company, performed an empirical valuation of Goldfingr in March, valuing the club between USD125 million and USD450 million. The Goldfingr crypto token’s value will undoubtedly rise further.

    The announcement of the crypto-token follows the club’s reinvention of its own business model and technology roadmap. Goldfingr believes that by incorporating their new crypto-token, they have cracked the code on how to add exponential value by offering token rewards to all participants, including investors, entrepreneurs, and other ecosystems.

    Of course, anyone who stakes the Goldfingr token will gain access to Goldfingr events where they will have the opportunity to meet international business people, including celebrities such as Akon and Clarence Seedorf.

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