• Google Cloud Teams Up With Dapper Labs; Is NFT on the Horizon?

  • Google appears to be the latest mainstream tech behemoth to be afflicted by the crypto bug, specifically NFT. Google Cloud announced today a partnership with popular NFT brand Dapper Labs, best known for its NFT marketplace NBA Top Shot.

    Google would assist Dapper Labs with their Flow blockchain, with Google Cloud providing infrastructure and acting as a network operator.

    In 2021, the NFT craze has reached new heights, with several digital collectibles fetching millions of dollars for simple JPEGs. Mainstream brands and celebrities have all flocked to the NFT market to launch various NFT collaborations and brand promotions. Dapper Labs has risen to the fourth largest NFT platform in terms of sales volume, accounting for over a million transactions per week.

    According to Janet Kennedy, vice president of Google Cloud North America,

    “It’s really about assisting them with rapid and sustainable growth,” Kennedy explains. “Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, companies like Dapper require scalable, secure infrastructure to expand their operations and, more importantly, to support their networks.”

    While Google has stayed away from crypto currency, the latest collaboration suggests that it may venture into infrastructure development for Web 3.0.

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