• Grayscale adds LUNA, AVAX, and MATIC to its list of candidates

  • Grayscale’s Product Family now consists of 24 assets, with 43 digital coins and tokens on its consideration list.

    Grayscale Investments, a crypto investment and asset management organization, has revealed a list of coins under consideration, which includes AVAX, LUNA, MATIC, and others. Tokens for two high-profile DeFi protocols, Algorand (ALGO) and Convex (CVX), as well as metaverse businesses Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Yield Guild Games, are among the 25 new digital assets (YGG).

    “As a company that has been at the forefront of integrating the old financial system to the new digital economy, we believe it is our obligation to introduce investors to the diversity in this field.” “As a result, we’re glad to publish a periodic update of our listings of properties under exploration,” Grayscale wrote on their website following the release.

    According to Grayscale, “Assets Under Consideration” are digital assets that are not currently owned by Grayscale or presented as an investment product, but have been identified by their team as potentially attractive prospects for further research and inclusion in a future investment product.

    These digital assets could possibly be added to the Grayscale Product family if they are not originally listed in this table. The company also stated that the most recent list of digital coins and tokens was developed as a result of their research into the digital managed asset market.

    Grayscale’s Product Family now consists of 24 assets, with 43 digital coins and tokens on its consideration list. The company also indicated that some of the names on the list may not receive standalone funds to provide exposure, as some of those assets may end up in products akin to Grayscale’s Digital Large Cap Fund.

    According to a statement made following the announcement, the firm seems to have highlighted the very difficult and basic nature of the process of adding a financial asset to the family of products offered by an investment firm.

    “Creating an investment product similar to those we now offer is a complicated, intricate process.” It necessitates extensive assessment and consideration, and is subject to, among other things, our internal controls, custody arrangements, and regulatory concerns,” the firm noted in a statement. This list, as well as the assets it already owns, is updated on a regular basis by the firm.

    Grayscale, the world’s largest digital currency asset management, is a household name in the digital currency market. The firm had $55 billion in assets under management as of October 29, 2021. Its products span more than 70% of the digital currency market, and more than 36% of investors participate across various products.

    The company recently made headlines by selling its Bitcoin shares at a nearly 30 percent discount after its Bitcoin Fund premium reached an all-time high following the major sell-off in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

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