• Hackers claiming to be from Russia have demanded $70 million in Bitcoin (BTC) to restore data from US companies

  • During the 4th of July holiday weekend, the United States was targeted by yet another ransomware outbreak. Hackers claiming to be from Russia requested $70 million in Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for universal decryption codes. The current attack affected around 200 companies in the United States and hundreds more throughout the world.

    The ransom demand was made by an organization known as REvil, which claims to be ‘Russian.’ The hackers claim to have gained access to over 1 million systems around the world. The only method to recover compromised data is to pay up; otherwise, there’s a chance of a data leak or irreversible erasure.

    Biden is perplexed but unsure. For the past few years, the US government has been fighting ransomware attacks. These hacks are thought to be linked to Russia. President Joe Biden has directed intelligence agencies to look into the attack’s origins.

    Despite rampant allegations that Russians were behind the attack, Biden adds that no one knows who the perpetrators are or what their country is.

    Nonetheless, Biden was caught on camera earlier this month telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that any Russian intrusions into US infrastructure and databases will result in punishment.

    “We have significant cyber capabilities, and [Putin] is well aware of it… We will retaliate… in a cyber fashion… if they breach these basic norms.” At a press conference following his first meeting with Putin in Geneva, Biden informed reporters.

    For the past few years, ‘Russian’ hacker groups, reportedly with the help of the Russian government, have been hacking into US systems, causing a rift in US-Russia relations. Russians have been accused of messing with the American government for a long time, from hacking into 20 percent of the country’s beef output to shutting down the East Coast pipeline for days.

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