• HaloDAO Collaborates with TrustToken to Expand Stablecoin Marketplace

  • HaloDAO, a decentralized finance ecosystem that focuses on bootstrapping usage for fiat-backed stablecoins, has partnered with TrustToken, a regulated stablecoin issuer. The strategic partnership will see both companies collaborate to expand the market for international stablecoins.

    For the collaboration, HaloDAO will add support for TAUD, TCAD, TGBP, and THKD to its DApp, which is set to be released in September of this year. Its goal is to improve liquidity between non-USD stablecoins and cryptocurrency tokens like ETH and MATIC.

    The collaboration will allow gamers who earn tokens from Non-Fungible Token gaming to easily on-ramp and off-ramp. Aside from that, the DAO was established to lead DeFi and crypto adoption, with a particular emphasis on developing stablecoin liquidity networks in countries other than the United States.

    It is worth noting that HaloDAO intends to build an inclusive Web 3.0 infrastructure to bridge the gap between traditional and permissionless finance. HaloDAO accomplishes this by constructing a stablecoin optimized Automated Market Maker (AMM) and Lending Market.

    According to Jun Yong, Co-Founder of HaloDAO,

    TrustToken provides a diverse range of non-USD stablecoins and has an excellent reputation and regulatory standing, making it a critical partner for HaloDAO. It is safe to say that the adoption of any token other than TUSD has been limited thus far. We believe it is a matter of market liquidity and usability, and that by working together, we can finally give this adoption flywheel a proper spin, resulting in meaningful non-USD crypto markets.

    Meanwhile, TrustToken is constructing modern financial infrastructure to ensure that economic opportunity is available to all. Because TrustToken stablecoins are regulated, they are also relevant in light of recent government interest in cryptocurrency.

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