• Here’s how 455 million WordPress websites can now accept Dogecoin

  • According to DogeDesigner, a UX/UI specialist and graphic designer at the Dogecoin Foundation, millions of WordPress websites can now take Dogecoin with the WooCommerce plugin “Easy Dogecoin Gateway” developed by the Dogecoin developer “inevitable360.”

    The plugin enables WordPress websites to accept Dogecoin payments simply by using Dogecoin addresses, with no third-party payment processors, banks, or additional fees required. The plugin also makes use of the Google API to produce QR codes and the CoinGecko API to convert fiat to the current price of Dogecoin.

    This might be viewed positively for Dogecoin acceptance, given WordPress is used by over 455 million websites as of 2021, and the count is only increasing.

    Adoption and use cases for Dogecoin

    Several conversations about Dogecoin use cases have emerged in recent months. The Dogecoin Foundation’s main goal, according to the organization, is to make Dogecoin the global currency for the payment of goods and services.

    DOGE was previously used to purchase a controlling stake in the BIG3 league basketball team Aliens. Bill Lee, the founder of the Dogecoin wallet MyDoge, purchased non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the Aliens solely in DOGE, providing a controlling share in the BIG3 team in exchange. MyDoge/Dogecoin branding will feature on Aliens squad jerseys as well as Big3 events and broadcasts as part of the agreement.

    Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has remarked that if more firms accepted Dogecoin, it would gain more utility. The billionaire also praised tipping as a use case, saying it would be “wonderful” to tip authors with Dogecoin. Despite potential Web3 applications, Musk believes that a bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin is unnecessary.

    Dogecoin developer Shibetoshi Nakamoto, on the other hand, believes that the easiest and best use case for Dogecoin is tipping.

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