• Holders of Party Horses NFTs can obtain physical Bourbon bottles

  • Humans used to go to horse races and wager on their favorite animals, but that is no longer the case! The Party Horses NFT initiative takes a different approach; this time, horses are decked out in fascinators, and you can join them.

    This collection is all about the community, from bourbon to real-life events to metaverse experiences. If you’re up for a good time, let’s acquire some exclusive information on the project!

    What exactly are Party Horses NFTs?

    Party Horses is essentially a collection of 10,000 avatar-style NFTs constructed on the Ethereum network. Each collection has a horse dressed for a race and accessorized with various apparel and accessories.

    Of course, these distinguishing features categorize the NFTs into five rarities inspired by horserace spectator seats:

    Common (Infield)
    Uncommon (Backside)
    Rare (Paddock)
    Ultra (Turf Club)
    Legendary (Trillionaires Row)

    You can already pre-register for the presale on March 1st if you want to be a part of this creative community. This special pre-mint drop is only accessible to 2,000 collectors, and there are plenty of surprises in the game. To commemorate the pre-sale, the Party Horses team will give away 1,000 actual bourbon bottles from Maker’s Mark to the first 1,000 adult (21+) minters who collect the free Pregame NFT (below)!

    In fact, you can join the pre-mint list right here — there are only a few slots left, so act quickly!

    What makes the bourbon bottles unique?

    This project surely wishes to give excellent treasures to its community. Of course, its limited-edition bourbon is no different. As a result, the Party Horses teamed up with Maker’s Mark, the world’s largest distillery.

    Maker’s Mark, with over 60 years of experience, will infuse distinct tastes into the personalized Party Horses bourbon bottles. Obviously, this real-world asset merely serves to boost the value of each NFT for early minters.

    Did you miss out on the pre-sale? Don’t be concerned! You can still purchase your Party Horse NFT during the public sale on March 15th at 9 a.m. EST. The release, which will take place on the project website, will include 9,700 distinct digital items that are ready to party. As a result, the remaining 300 will be used for future giveaways, partnerships, and other activities.

    As an NFT holder, you’ll get access to unique gifts, a strong community, and exciting events. The Kentucky Derby is your first destination!

    The project’s roadmap has been disclosed.

    To begin, about one in every twenty lucky NFT holders will be randomly selected to attend a Kentucky Derby celebration including a Grammy-winning DJ and other A-list musical artists. Of course, the founding crew will be present to interact and party, just like the Party Horses NFTs!

    Surprisingly, each NFT holder (21+) will also be able to own a tangible bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon, which the community will help design. This feature will be implemented in late 2022, much to the delight of collectors. Additionally, administrators will airdrop the planned DAO tokens for future initiatives.

    Meet the Party Horses administration staff.

    Transparency is important to the Party Horses NFT team. As a result, the project administrators are fully doxxed on the official website. Each team member brings a unique set of skills to the table, ranging from design and business to event management. They all have the same goal in mind: to create a one-of-a-kind NFT social club.

    “We want our purpose to be straightforward to understand,” says Justin Delaney, project co-founder. “Use Web3 for good, to have fun, to create beauty, to disrupt the world, and to work with others to achieve beautiful things.”

    If you want to experience the thrill of a human race, you can join the Party Horses whitelist on the official website. Meanwhile, follow the project on Twitter and in the Discord channel for special updates, freebies, and more!

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