• House Guerlain’s “Green” NFT Collection brings art and ecology together at the International Contemporary Art Fair

  • Guerlain, a brand synonymous with beauty and aesthetics, has entered the world of digital beauty by launching four distinct NFTs on the “green” Tezos blockchain. The one-of-a-kind collection, titled “When Matter Becomes Art,” will be on display at the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris.

    When matter transforms into art

    The collection delves into the world of materiality in art, featuring works by renowned visual artists Liu Bolin, Lauren Moffatt, Sabrina Ratté, and Constance Valero. The entire sale proceeds will be donated to Yann Arthus-GoodPlanet Bertrand’s Foundation. This NGO, founded in 2005, promotes ecology and sustainable development around the world.

    This is Maison Guerlain’s 14th appearance at the FIAC, an event that has been running since 1974 and bridges the worlds of modern and contemporary art. Painting, sculpture, photography, installations, videos, performances, and digital arts are among the mediums represented at the event. Around 200 exhibitors explore the worlds of modern masters to the most recent digital trends in the galleries.

    Life, Growth, and Decay

    In the Last Warrior, Liu Bolin’s piece for Guerlain will question the essence of image, life, and our perception of reality. Lauren Moffatt’s work will follow the natural cycle of growth and decay. Sabrina Ratté’s work will simulate ecosystems based on the fusion of technology and organic matter, and Constance Valero’s work, De Nectar et d’Ambroisie, will explore organic life.

    The four NFTs are issued on Tezos, a blockchain known for its low energy consumption. Tezos, in contrast to Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Proof of Work models, is built from the ground up on Proof of Stake consensus. This model is best known for putting the least amount of strain on our planet due to its green low energy consumption.

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