• How Much Would $10 in Bitcoin Per Day Net Investors?

  • Many new investors believe they have missed out on the bitcoin opportunity. This is simply not the case. Bitcoin is currently unknown to less than 10% of the world’s population. This means that over 6 billion people around the world are unaware of bitcoin. So, in reality, the investors who are getting in now and believe they have missed the boat are, in fact, early adopters.

    Aside from that, dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is becoming a more popular way for people to invest in the market. Dollar-cost averaging is simply the practice of spreading out an investment over time rather than buying everything all at once. Simply put, if an investor has $1,000 to invest in BTC, instead of buying $1,000 worth of BTC all at once, they can choose to spread the purchase out over time.

    As a result, said investor may decide to purchase BTC within the next ten days. Buying $100 in BTC every day for ten days. Alternatively, you could buy $10 worth of BTC over the course of 100 days. The concept remains the same: spread the investment out to reduce the impact of volatility on said investment.

    How Would This Play Out in Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin has been around for at least a decade, so a lot has happened in the market. Given its phenomenal growth, investors wish they had put more money into the asset when it was still cheap. But what if you had invested $10 in bitcoin every day for the previous five years? How much money do you think you’d have now?

    If an investor had invested $10 per day in BTC for the previous five years, the total amount spent would have been slightly more than $18,300. However, the amount in BTC would have been more than $334,000. Resulting in investment returns of over 1,800%. So, after deducting the initial investment, a $300-per-month investment would have yielded over $300,000 in returns.

    Going back even further than five years would result in even more gains. Going back ten years, investments would have grown by more than 100,000 percent in just the last decade.

    Bitcoin Price Until Now

    When Bitcoin first appeared, it was literally worth nothing; $0. They were being distributed for free. With an old laptop, one could mine for hundreds of bitcoins in no time. However, as people began to recognize the technology’s utility, the asset’s value began to skyrocket.

    As a result, the value of BTC increased over time. More people started to make use of the asset. However, it was not widely known until the Silk Road’s demise. When federal agents raided the website where BTC was the primary currency for trading, everyone wanted to know what this untraceable currency was.

    Following this, the price remained mostly flat until 2017, when one of the most notable bull markets occurred. Between April and December 2017, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed from under $4,000 to $19,000, setting a new all-time high.

    BTC appeared to have peaked and was about to crash back to zero at the time. But, four years later, BTC is still going strong, with $30,000 being considered the cryptocurrency’s bottom. This demonstrates how much more bitcoin can and will grow in the coming years.

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