• How to Win a Massive 200k $SAND Giveaway in The Sandbox

  • The Sandbox recently announced a massive one-month giveaway with 200k $SAND up for grabs. There are several ways to win prizes, but to participate, participants must have a Sandbox account and fill out this form. All artists, LAND owners, $SAND holders, and users are invited to participate.

    There are five different ways to win $SAND. The first is an NFT art competition in which all artists are welcome to compete. The NFT theme must be centered on your vision of The Sandbox metaverse. The top five will receive a total of 45, 000 $SAND, and those who do not win will split 5,000 $SAND among themselves.

    The second method is for all $SAND holders; simply holding the currency increases your chances of winning. A total of $20,000 SAND will be distributed to ten randomly selected holders. The third giveaway is for LAND owners, with five randomly selected winners receiving 35,000 $SAND each, and tagged neighbors receiving 1,000 $SAND each upon verification.

    The final two giveaways are each worth 50,000 $SAND. Create an epic avatar and public persona in The Sandbox to earn $SAND, or refer your friends and the rest of the world to win prizes. This giveaway is open to all Sandbox users.

    The Sandbox metaverse’s native currency $SAND can be used to build, play, and monetize your virtual experiences. Everything you build on your LAND can be owned, purchased, sold, or traded. The contest will end on November 4 at 11:59 p.m. UTC.

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