• HTC Reveals Plans For A Metaverse Phone

  • Remember those once-popular HTC smartphones? The good news is that HTC is making a comeback with a metaverse phone. HTC recently teased the release of its metaverse phone on Twitter. The phone will be released on June 28 under HTC’s “Viverse” brand. So let’s take a closer look at HTC’s new metaverse phone!

    Concerning the HTC Metaverse Phone

    HTC originally hinted about a metaverse phone during this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). Fans of the company’s smart phones reacted differently to the news. As previously reported, HTC ended its smartphone business in 2018.

    However, it has continued to develop mid-range phones, the most recent of which was the HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G, which was released in 2021. While the business had planned to introduce the metaverse phone sooner, supply chain concerns caused the introduction to be postponed.

    For the time being, there isn’t much information available about the HTC metaverse phone. On June 9, the firm simply tweeted, “Log in to the Future.” 2022.06.28.” Furthermore, it has yet to reveal information about the phone’s specifications and features.

    It is currently assumed that the phone will be available in a restricted quantity. It is also likely that it will only be accessible in a few markets.

    What exactly is Viverse?

    HTC announced Viverse, its version of the metaverse, at this year’s MWC. Viverse is “an interoperable ecosystem where diverse content platforms interact to build a seamless user experience in a decentralized, secure, and open fashion,” according to the Taiwanese business.

    To put it simply, Viverse allows users to socialize, attend meetings, and do other things in virtual reality. According to the graphic HTC posted on Twitter, their future metaverse phone will most likely be connected with Viverse. It remains to be seen how the corporation will carry out its ambitious goals.

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