• Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange, is celebrating Women’s Day in a unique way

  • Huobi Global, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange organizations, announced a special event to commemorate International Women’s Day on their website. Huobi Global announced on March 7, 2022, that the event will remain until March 14, 2022. International Women’s Day is observed around the world to honor the achievements of women throughout history.

    On International Women’s Day, Huobi promotes cryptocurrency awareness.

    Huobi Global has launched a special Primebox offer aimed at increasing female engagement in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. When the internet world was first formed, a poll revealed that women were not as digitally invested as men. However, according to this year’s survey, 24% of women in America hold cryptocurrencies and 75% engage in spot trading. Despite the low numbers, the progress to date has been remarkable.

    Primebox Activity on Huobi

    The Primebox campaign consists of five cards depicting renowned ladies. The task concludes with the female user having collected all five Primebox cards. The top ten female users will be chosen and invited to build and mint NFT using their digital avatars. Huobi intends to make the NFT collection available on OpenSea.

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