• Ibrahimovic is also newcomers to the NFT

  • The well-known AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently wrote a book titled “Adrenalina. My undiscovered experiences,” which he has now decided to put into art. Each of the 11 pieces of art was created by a different artist. The fact that these works are digital one-offs distinguishes them as a true NFT collection by Ibrahimovic.

    Ibrahimovic’s NFT collection, Ibranftcollection, is available on Markersplace.

    The IBRANFTCOLLECTION was officially presented at the Milan Triennale on Sunday, February 27.

    As previously said, the collection was made in response to the Swedish champion’s recent book. The painters were inspired by the book’s cover as well as some of Ibra’s “commandments” found within it.

    All 11 artists involved in this thrilling initiative walked to the stage at the Triennale on the day of the presentation to show a sneak peek of their work.

    Success appears assured based on the level of interest already demonstrated by the player’s most ardent supporters.

    The pieces will be available for purchase on Makersplace, a well-known online digital art auction platform for NFTs, on March 22 and April 19.

    The sale will be split into two parts, but that’s not all: the show will also be offered in the OVR.ai metaverse’s Wrong Theory Art District starting on February 27.

    The painters Giovanni Frangi and Federico Guida, as well as Giuseppe Veneziano and Giovanni Motta, created the works for IBRANFTCOLLECTION.

    Pao and the poet Ivan Tresoldi; cryptoartists Hexeract and Davide Petraroli; rappers HighSnob aka Eskalator and GionnyScandal; and cryptoartists Hexeract and Davide Petraroli.

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