• Idexo, a cross-chain platform, raises $2.5 million to accelerate the rollout of NFT and gaming APIs

  • Building Funds, with over ten top-tier firms participating

    According to the team, the funds will be used to build cross-chain NFT and API, promoting the adoption of technology that can be used for more than just art but also in the real economy.

    Developers can quickly integrate NFTs and NFT marketplaces into apps using Idexo.

    In response, the team stated:

    “We are grateful to our many visionary investors for their faith in Idexo. We have been able to leverage their diverse talents as well as investment to gain insights, introductions, and advice that have helped us execute at breakneck speed in growing our community through NFTs, building out our roadmap, and now signing up new CDK customer partners.”

    Outlier Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, BlackDragon, Heat Capital, and 11 other crypto funds are among those taking part. Outlier Ventures’ Jamie Burke believes that the Idexo team has what it takes to remove the complexities of individual blockchains, allowing for easy adoption by non-tech savvy users. This is consistent with Idexo’s goal of making blockchain, specifically the NFT experience, enjoyable and simple.

    Using APIs to Make the NFT Experience Easier

    The team recognized that blockchain wallets can be difficult for new users. At the same time, wallets impose new responsibilities on newcomers that they are unprepared to handle.

    New owners, for example, must protect private keys from third parties lest they lose control. As a result, hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable digital assets are now irretrievably lost in the digital ether.

    Idexo’s goal is to change the narrative and make NFTs more appealing to the general public by leveraging the convenience of APIs. Transactions would be carried out using a simplified API code rather than a blockchain wallet. In this way, Idexo hopes to improve both the developer and user experience.

    Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Polygon, Arweave, and Avalanche are all supported by Idexo. However, the team is excited to expand into more active blockchains.

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