• Primer, a worldwide payment infrastructure automation platform, now supports bitcoin one-click checkout functions.

    Primer collaborated with OpenNode, a renowned bitcoin payments infrastructure firm, to deliver this option to the rest of the world.

    Primer presently works in 30 countries and supports a wide range of payment functions, whereas OpenNode services 126 nations.

    According to a news release, Primer, a global payment infrastructure provider, now allows businesses globally to accept bitcoin as payment through a 1-click checkout option thanks to a partnership with OpenNode.

    OpenNode is a bitcoin payments infrastructure provider, and by combining it with Primer’s top commerce automation platform, people all around the world will be able to make smooth bitcoin payments.

    “OpenNode and Primer share the mission of reinventing payments and providing unmatched value to merchants and businesses everywhere,” said Josh Held, Head of Strategy at OpenNode.

    Held continued to say “OpenNode has believed in the promise of Bitcoin and Lightning-powered payments for a long time, and demand is now growing exponentially.”

    Gabriel Le Roux, co-founder of Primer, explained the excitement behind Pimer’s partnership with OpenNode, noting how merchants will be able to take advantage of this functionality through a simple organic process that only requires a few clicks to set up, rather than the tedious process of coding with barriers of entry.

    “Primer and OpenNode are passionate about making Bitcoin an easily accessible payment option for merchants, through the best-in-class checkout experience available on the market,” Le Roux said.

    Primer was the world’s first payment infrastructure and commerce automator, with the purpose of reducing barriers that clients confront when using various forms of payment. Primer was a perfect partner for OpenNode as one of the premier payment gateways for bitcoin and the Lightning Network, with a collection of one-click integrations in over 30 supported countries.

    OpenNode is available in 126 countries, simplifies the technical difficulties of the Lightning Network for users worldwide, and is interoperable with any bitcoin wallet.

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