• In the Voxels Metaverse, NEAR resurrects the Alexandria Library

  • Julius Caesar, a belligerent ruler, destroyed the ancient library of Alexandria 2,000 years ago. The NEAR Protocol has resurrected its principles several centuries later to establish a brand-new educational center in the Voxels metaverse.

    Learned types will find rows of enormous tomes within its freshly minted voxel walls, many of which depict NFTs linked to authentic learning materials on the Web. Those with a hunger for information can quench their thirst by studying everything there is to know about NEAR and its lofty plans.

    Those who continue will discover a handy interface for dealing with the NEAR ecology, as well as a non-functional computer lab, before arriving at a rooftop party location equipped with bar, fashionable rug, and wide screen display!

    In addition, to get the NEAR dream off to a rousing start, the team has prepared a cryptic little game. Visitors who follow the clues to unlock a secret hidden area can thus save the realm and earn a tasty NEAR NFT for their efforts.

    Hopefully, because of the blockchain’s immutability, this new Alexandria library will not suffer the same fate as its predecessor. However, given the Voxels team’s pyromaniacal streak, don’t count anything out just yet!

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