• Infinity8 has launched a Happy Hippos NFT sale: Find out more here

  • Infinity8, a marketplace known for its popular releases of NFT collections, made headlines yet again by releasing 8,888 unique AI-generated characters.

    The official public sale of Happy Hippos has begun.

    The Infinity8 marketplace team’s flagship product, Happy Hippos, has entered the public sale phase, according to an official announcement.

    Its pre-sale began on November 8, 2021, and will be followed by a public sale on November 11. Nicki Minaj, the legendary rapper, singer, and songwriter, announced the start of its public sale.

    Happy Hippos, a collection of fictitious hippopotamuses, has 8,888 unique characters. Hippos in various outfits are dressed in AI-generated and programmed handcrafted cartoon images. It is ideologically similar to the revolutionary Bored Apes and Crypto Punks collections.

    Furthermore, each hippo has a distinct face with wide smiles and odd reactions.

    The Happy Hippo collection, like all previous NFT drops by Infinity8, makes use of Ethereum, the world’s largest smart contracts environment. Each hippo is issued as an ERC-1155 token.

    Charity certificates are issued by the NFT marketplace.

    Happy Hippos, in addition to being an eccentric and unusual NFT release, has an underlying charity program in addition to its sale. This initiative aims to help the wildlife population of hippos all over the world, particularly in Africa.

    When a Web3 fan buys one of the NFTs in this collection, he or she also sends a donation to help hippopotamuses all over the world. Holders will also receive official certificates of adoption of a genuine hippo.

    Prices for Happy Hippos on the Infinity8 marketplace range from $200 to $1,000, or 0.06-0.088 Ethers.

    NFT enthusiasts can choose from five subgroups. Out of the total collection of 8,888 Happy NFTs, 1,780 are “Mythic” collectibles, 888 are “Legendary” NFTs, 3,101 are “Rare” NFTs, and 3,101 are “Common” NFTs.

    Finally, and most importantly, Infinity8 revealed its future development and promotion plans. Players will be able to participate in breeding and companionship campaigns in future releases.

    In addition to Happy Hippos, the Infinity8 studio provides its clients with the option of purchasing NFTs from Crypto Angels and Real Estate collections focused on the charity and real estate markets.

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