• InPoker Introduces an E-Sports Platform with the Goal of Modernizing the Online Poker Experience

  • What Exactly Is InPoker?

    InPoker is a novel approach to online poker that incorporates cutting-edge financial technologies and features to offer players a variety of ways to win rewards. The platform had a soft launch on July 30th and has since attracted over 10,000 registered users as well as 700 daily users. InPoker is the first e-sports platform with NFT membership and an integrated DeFi protocol, allowing users to participate in poker tournaments by supplying crypto assets while earning APY.

    InPoker shifts the emphasis away from gambling and toward skill-based tournaments, sit & go games, and other competitive games. Users can choose between sponsored/freeroll tournaments and regular games with buy-in fees. InPoker promotes the play-to-earn model, in which players can win large sums of money by improving their skills and contributing to the platform.

    What makes InPoker unique?

    The main feature of the InPoker platform that distinguishes it from others is the collaboration of social media influencers and various brands and businesses that sponsor the tournaments.

    InPoker incentivizes influencers to refer players through unique URLs by offering a percentage of each buy-in or, in the case of freeroll or windrop tournaments, a percentage of the tournament prize pool that each referred user wins. Influencers can share links to each individual tournament, generating consistent traffic by inviting their followers to each game on their own.

    Influencers and brands/businesses can choose to organize their own tournaments, and InPoker provides a comprehensive set of tools and settings controls. Organizers can set their own commission from each tournament, as well as unique referral codes for each event, as well as the buy-in amount, prizes, and the percentage that influencers receive for referring users.

    Businesses can promote their products or services through tournaments by creating sponsored games with free or low-cost entry fees in which users can win large prizes in platform currency or, in the case of blockchain companies, their own coins, tokens, or NFTs.

    The dashboards for businesses and influencers are currently being developed and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2021.

    Membership in the NFT

    InPoker Elite is a limited edition NFT card that comes with a slew of perks and prizes. The card entitles you to free weekly tournament entries as well as special benefits.

    A limited edition of 1,000 cards is available exclusively on Binance NFT Marketplace and is fully tradable within the Binance Smart Chain.

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